Pillars and Drapery*
Item Description Price
Minimum of 2 pillars required. 172.50 pr
additional pillars 86.30 ea
Dramatic 7.5′ white pillars accented with white backpanels and front drape panels in white shear fabric. Create an overall display which will best suit you event. Bows can be added for the the final touch to this simple but impressive setup.
Pillars, Trees and Sheers*
Item Description Price
Minimum of 2 pillars required. 201.30 pr
additional pillars 97.80 ea
Beautiful 7.5′ white pillars with reflective mylar back panels. Lighted white fantasy trees are placed between pillars, in front of panels to create a glittering effect. Sheer drapes in front of trees add even more sparkle to this ensemble. The finishing touch of shear front drapery panels, tied back to pillars with bows, completes this elegant showcase.
French Doors*
Item Description Price
Single set (18′) 258.80 set
Double set (26′) 488.80 set
Imagine 4′ x 8′ sections of french door panels with white satiny drape accents! Reflective mylar backing behind white fantasy lighted trees, completes our most popular set-up. Choose single or double widths, each truly elegant.

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