Candle Holders


Item Description Price
Silver, 3-arm elegant 15.00 ea
Brass, 3-tiered with holder 5.80 ea
Hurricane lamp, glass, clear with base 6.90 ea
Brandy snifter, for floating candles, 20-24oz 1.70 ea
Rose bowls, 4″ 1.20 ea
Rose bowls, 8″ 5.80 ea
Rose bowls, 12″ 11.50 ea
Display bowls, 10″ 5.80 ea
Footed bowls, 8″ 5.80 ea
Glass, single taper holder, assorted 0.90 ea
Hurricane, shade only 4.90 ea
Floater holders, cherubs, brass with glass 5.80 ea
Votive holders, crystal 0.90 ea
Votive holders, silver-plated with glass shade 3.20 ea
Vases, rectangular, assorted 5.80 ea
Vase, with votives, tall, wrought iron with glass 23.00 ea
Mirrors, round, 10″ 4.00 ea

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