Finishing Touches

Item Description Price
Pillars, white Grecian style……30″ 12.70 ea
Pillars, white Grecian style……42″ 15.00 ea
Pillars, white Grecian style……53″ 17.30 ea
Pillars, square, white, 37″ 16.10 ea
Pillars, grey, 22″ 13.80 ea
Pillars, grey, 36″ 17.30 ea
Urn, grey with fern, 36″ 40.30 ea
Boston ferns, silk 13.80 ea
Rug runner, white, 30’long x 48″wide 201.30 ea
Rug runner, red, 36’long x 48″wide 138.00 ea
Rug runner, wine, 36’long x 48″wide, (rubber backed) 138.00 ea
Fantasy trees, white with lights 23.00 ea
Silk trees, green with lights, 5″, 6″, 8″ 28.80 ea
Wishing well, white wooden 46.00 ea
Wishing well, white vinyl lattice 46.00 ea
Mailbox,white, glass & wood 23.00 ea
Mailbox, ivory or black metal (Birdcage style) 17.30 ea
Bird cage, white wrought iron with stand 63.30 ea
Lantern, brown metal, holds pillar candle 11.50 ea
Shepherds hook, metal 48″, outdoor use 5.80 ea

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